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Training Qualifications


Information sheets giving details of courses can be accessed by clicking on the course title below.

Courses offered

Facilitating Group Learning


Planning, Design and Delivery of Learning

Assessors and Verifiers Awards

Professional Development Award: Developing Literacies Learning Programmes for the Workplace

If you would like more information or wish to be kept informed on upcoming course dates then please contact us. If you would like to book a place on any of our courses then please complete and submit a booking form.


Why train with TED?

As an employer:

In the current economic climate TED can help you save money by skilling up your staff to deliver your training needs in house. Your employees know the needs of your organisation better than anyone, so invest in them to develop their skills to provide purpose built training (which TED can help you devise) to deliver to clients, staff, colleagues, and service users.

As an individual:

On an individual level TED can help you make steps towards changing your life for the better. You will become better skilled, more confident, and can gain new qualifications. Many who have attended training with TED have subsequently taken a new career path, achieved long term goals, and moved up the career ladder in their workplace. These achievements have positive knock on effects on both a personal and professional level. 

Some comments from people who have attended TED training:

 “The knowledge I gained on delivering training surpassed my expectations mainly due to the amount of information that was presented to us”

“I really enjoyed it. Teresa ensures it is a very effective welcoming training environment that encourages you to sit up and take notice and that is what you are hoping one day to achieve”

 “The open atmosphere allowed discussion and excellent ideas and structures were provided for planning training.”

“Learnt a lot from style of delivery as well as content”

 “Excellent use of my time, I’m already seeing a change in my work practice!”

“I feel my confidence has developed greatly – so much so that I’m thinking of how I can use training as much as possible in my work life (and possibly freelance)”

“This course has far exceeded my expectations and I have loved it!!! It’s helped me think more laterally and indepth about my work”

“Definitely a good investment as an individual and a professional”

“I think I am already a much better trainer as a result of this diploma, more aware of participants learning styles and needs”

 “It has really boosted my confidence to take on training opportunities. I have even found myself offering to provide training to a variety of organisations that I volunteer for which they have likewise found extremely helpful”

“It has made me go from being fearful to confident in what I am trying to achieve and how I am going to achieve it”

“Really really appreciate being able to do this and on behalf of all those who will benefit from further training I deliver in the future, thanks!”

 “This is a good, well-rounded course that you can apply to any situation and it will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of training needs, both for organisations and individuals alike.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in training in the future” 

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